Controlling Your Heat And Air Flow

Do you know how to control the heating and air flow in your home?

Many people are not aware that the air duct system controls the heating and air Wilmington NC flow in your home.  If your air duct system is clogged with dust or objects you can not get the air flow you desire.  This can also cause bigger issues for your HVAC system.  If your heating and cooling system is trying to push hot or cold air through and can’t it puts a lot of stress on the motor.

If the motor is constantly overworking to produce the temperature of air you desire it can cause it to burn up.  What this means is the motor is getting too hot and will eventually shut itself off or even worse; it many no longer work at all.  So, it is very crucial to make sure you have your air duct system cleaned by a HVAC contractor on a regular basis.

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