Dealing With The Heat & Air

There are many heating and air Wilmington NC conditions that have to be dealt with in order to live comfortably.  When you live anywhere that has a tropical climate constant change in the heat and air is a continuous battle that you will encounter.  One day it could be 95 degrees and humid and the next it could 50 degrees which makes it feel like it is freezing.  Even though you know when it gets down to 50 degrees that it is truly not freezing it feels that way because of the warm weather you just experienced the week before.

Constant weather change is simply something that you have to be willing to do deal with if you choose to live in any tropical locations.  You are going to have a rainy season with will bring even more drastic changes in the heating and air conditions throughout the day.  The best thing you can do is to make sure your HVAC unit is set up to handle whatever weather may come.

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