Sudden Call For Tree Removal

The amount of tree removal Wilmington NC has taking place is a bit higher than most people might expect.  

Every since the bad storm that hit the Wilmington, NC area  close to a year ago there has been an increase in tree removals.  This is something that is expected after a hurricane comes rolling through your city.

Now that the storm has come and gone, there is still an increase call for tree removals.  This comes to surprise for many people because the reason for the continued increase is shocking.

People seem to keep finding more and more dead trees throughout the entire Wilmington, NC area.  This has called for more tree removal than the hurricane actually called for.  Some people are saying it is because of the flooding that occurred during the hurricane and then by the long dry season that followed.  Both of these incidents put together have completely killed the trees.  Thus,  calling for the huge increase of tree removal needed.

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